Progressive Vinyasa

ABOUT Progressive Vinyasa WITH DIVINE FLOW

Shift up a gear & flow with growth

A dynamic and intelligent sequence delivered with precise and detailed cueing. Designed to create growth physically and emotionally whilst building strength and flexibility in a safe and carefully controlled environment. The pace of the class will stretch emotional endurance through a progressive format allowing for individual progress. This extremely fun and challenging atmosphere is something you will become hooked on as you will notice weekly progressions in your own practice.

What are the benefits of Progressive Vinyasa?

Our Progressive Yoga class is intelligently sequenced to build upon itself. It is delivered with precise, detailed cueing to break down postures and zoom into the micro details, giving you an opportunity to fine tune and advance your practice. You will build greater awareness by recruiting your whole body incrementally.


Is Progressive Vinyasa right for me?

This class is suited to you if you are interested in fine tuning and progressing your practice. If you feel ready to go deeper, learn new and creative ways to access postures, learn arm balances and new peak poses. Experience all of this more fully in your body.


Unlike Vinyasa where the focus is on creating flow, our progressive yoga class moves slower, although still dynamically, with time to focus on details, strength and play. Classes can often guide toward a “peak pose”, or focus on a specific part of the body offering ways to enhance its activation. The class includes music and props will often be used.

Heated Yoga Classes Now Available

Warm Classes

24 - 26 °C

Heated Classes

28 °C

All Divine Flow yoga classes are now offered with infrared heating, perfect for keeping warm in the colder winter months.

Heated yoga classes offer a host of benefits including improved circulation, the elimination of toxins from the body, and aid in the reduction of stress.


Progressive Vinyasa with Divine Flow is taught by the following instructors:


Tash Talevski

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Eliza Hayward

Eliza’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth began as a curious teenage student where accessing yoga and meditation was part of her ritual.

Her classes are deeply rooted in accessing the physical and energetic systems of the body to awaken the intelligence within.  For Eliza following the yogic path is a joyous journey which has brightened her desire to create her own studio.

Eliza finds that yoga is a wonderful vehicle to gather community and share expression and celebrate this life changing practice with those who also seek and are curious about enhancing their lives. 

 Eliza is an influential yoga and meditation teacher, empowerment coach and retreat host. She is renowned for her passion and joy while honouring the practices of yoga which overflows into the community.

She exudes warmth and loves connecting with her fellow students. Eliza’s classes hold space to integrate all parts of yourself together.