YIN Yoga Classes


We like to say YIN is everyone’s best friend. A practice that offers tremendous space for rest and renewal. Yin encourages tissue resiliency, improves joint mobility and helps to reduce stress from daily life.


You will find yourself in stationery held poses during our 60min class. Poses can range from 3-7 minute holds meanwhile helping you to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and create balance and ease. The act of carefully taking a posture and tending to your body’s unique set of needs for the duration of the hold is a form of self-care and meditation.

What are the benefits of YIN?

Yin offers a much deeper access to the body and mind. During each pose we work on positively manipulating the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load, with the aim to make the body a little longer and stronger.

Yin is also good if you are feeling an imbalance in your energy. Really tired? Or if you have too much energy and you are overstimulated Yin is a great practice to cultivate balance and release physical and mental tension.

Is YIN right for me?

This is a class that absolutely everyone can benefit from. If you are looking to reduce stress or anxiety we work directly with the nervous system. Are you keen to gain more flexibility?

As one of the most popular classes in our Brookvale studio for stiff bodies in all age groups, we always encourage everyone to try it. Come and rest your body here.


Arrive to unwind. Collect your props that are needed for this class and set up your space whilst awaiting your teacher to guide you. This 60min class is an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice in a calm environment.


During the evening we keep the lights down low and practice by candlelight this helps to set you up for deep rest before bed. During the day we also provide optional eye silk pillows for you to use.

Heated Yoga Classes Now Available

Warm Classes

24 - 26 °C

Heated Classes

28 °C

All D-F studio classes are now offered with infrared heating, perfect for keeping warm in the colder winter months.

Heated yoga classes offer a host of benefits including improved circulation, the elimination of toxins from the body, and aid in the reduction of stress.


YIN is taught by the following instructors at D-F studio:


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Eliza Hayward

Eliza’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth began as a curious teenage student where accessing yoga and meditation was part of her ritual.

Her classes are deeply rooted in accessing the physical and energetic systems of the body to awaken the intelligence within.  For Eliza following the yogic path is a joyous journey which has brightened her desire to create her own studio.

Eliza finds that yoga is a wonderful vehicle to gather community and share expression and celebrate this life changing practice with those who also seek and are curious about enhancing their lives. 

 Eliza is an influential yoga and meditation teacher, empowerment coach and retreat host. She is renowned for her passion and joy while honouring the practices of yoga which overflows into the community.

She exudes warmth and loves connecting with her fellow students. Eliza’s classes hold space to integrate all parts of yourself together.

Olivia Kerr

Olly is an energetic fountain of positivity and enthusiasm, traits she brings to every class.

Her yoga journey started a couple of years ago as a way to counterbalance her love of running and athletics. Since experiencing the mind/body benefits of the practice, yoga has become one of Olly’s greatest passions.

Her personal practice is focused towards distilling her natural energy into breath, movement and flow, finding a space within that allows for growth.

She is a student of Chiropractic Science and loves applying her knowledge of anatomy into creative flows.

Olly brings a steadiness to her teaching with attention to alignment and strong, slow poses while encouraging movement that feels good!

Sherrie Laryse

Sherrie Laryse is a teacher and mentor with a background of 10+ years studying and working in human behaviour, neuro linguistics, grief, trauma, psychosomatics, mental illness, yoga and mindfulness.

In consulting with clients, as well as applying everything she’s learned along the way to her own life, Sherrie has positioned herself a leading teacher on how to process our experiences – our external environment – in order to control our emotions, our health and our state of being -our internal environment.