Meet the D-F Studio Yoga Instructors

Meet the D-F Studio Yoga Instructors

Our D-F studio team

We are home to diverse, worldly, wise and kind teachers. No class is the same, nor is any teacher. Explore and meet our wondrous team.

Sophie Pantcheff

Sophie has a background in education, working as a high school teacher and university tutor for over 15 years. Her passion for teaching has taken many shapes and forms over the years, and she loves that this path has now led her to teach yoga at D-F Studio. Sophie believes that yoga is for everybody and always ensures that everyone feels welcome and supported in her classes, regardless of experience, fitness, or flexibility. 

Sophie’s passion for yoga started when she was struggling in life, trying to find the right path, looking for peace in a busy world. She could barely touch her toes and never considered that turning up to a yoga class would have such an impact on her life. The spiritual side of yoga is most important to Sophie, and she believes passionately in the power of yoga to open our lives and our souls to our divine essence. 

As the studio owner, Sophie is currently living out her dream life – running her own business as well as teaching yoga is the perfect fit! She still gets to enjoy the numbers side of business management but is also passionate about offering the best Yoga & Pilates offering to the community. Her favourite things about D-F are chatting with the D-F community and planning the D-F workshops and events – always looking for something new and engaging for our members.

Marty Coles

With over 15 years’ experience teaching yoga as well as extensive sports coaching experience, Marty brings a wide range of knowledge and wisdom to D-F. Marty started his yoga journey to help rehabilitate a sports injury, and the rest is history! His passion for yoga is well-known in the Northern Beaches community.

Marty is passionate about how yoga can benefit our lives both physically and spiritually. You can expect a challenge in his vinyasa classes, but always with a playful edge! He is enthusiastic about the benefits of a strong practice and his classes give students the opportunity to try out adventurous yoga poses under expert guidance, ensuring you have the space to explore safely. 

He is passionate about the spiritual benefits of yoga and how our practice can build connection between the body and the mind. He endeavours to motivate his students to develop their yoga practice so that they can integrate the benefits into their lives.

Eliza Giles

Eliza has spent over a decade studying with modern and traditional masters across the globe. As a young teenager she was introduced to yoga and at 17 she moved to India to be immersed in the sacred traditions and eastern teachings still alive within the culture there.

At 20 she began her training in the traditional sciences of the yoga systems, moving to live and study in the Omkaranada Ashram in Northern India where she completing her first training in Meditation, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

She has since trained meditation and yoga with masters and senior teachers across world holding influences from the traditional teaching of Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker, contemporary yoga pioneer Duncan Peak, Blissology founder Eion Finn and Dr Lorin Roche.

Eliza’s classes hold space to experience the weaving of these ancient traditions, philosophies and methodologies with functional anatomy, mindful movement and understanding of the western sciences to access the physical and energetic systems of the body.

Tash Talevski

Tash comes from an experienced background in Personal Training, with a depth of anatomical knowledge. Submerged in the world of health and fitness from a young age, she quickly developed a love and fascination of the human vessel.

Movement through space, with awareness on breath, became profound and necessary tools in her journey toward self-exploration and transformation. In her quest to deepen this inner exploration, Tash eventually found herself living in Mexico at the Hridaya Yoga Centre. Here, immersed in a yogic lifestyle and the traditional Hatha teachings, was the start of her ongoing yoga journey. She has since completed multiple trainings, taught in retreats overseas and continues to inquire with awe into the nature of the human organism.

Tash believes much of our “knowing” has been limited to the brain alone, where many aspects of ourselves cannot be truly met. She draws from her coaching background, in-depth anatomical knowledge and diverse movement education, to guide her students through an integrated practice of conscious anatomical and energetic explorations in order to deepen the Mind-Body experience.

She views each movement practice as a portal for conscious connection with our self and the world around us, and aims to inspire in her students a curiosity of the self – to feel, taste and honour each breath, and subtle bodily sensation as a gateway into revelation.

Sherrie Laryse

Sherrie Laryse is a teacher and mentor with a background of 10+ years studying and working in human behaviour, neuro linguistics, grief, trauma, psychosomatics, mental illness, yoga and mindfulness.

In consulting with clients, as well as applying everything she’s learned along the way to her own life, Sherrie has positioned herself a leading teacher on how to process our experiences – our external environment – in order to control our emotions, our health and our state of being -our internal environment.

Julia Goeller

Julia’s Yoga journey began 10 years ago, and since then she has passionately studied the depths of Yoga philosophy and practice. She is trained in various styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin, and with her background in Ayurveda she brings a diverse range of influences to her teaching, creating classes that are educative, purposeful, nourishing, and deeply grounding. 

Her approach reaches far beyond the Asanas and honours the very traditional essence of Yoga, emphasizing the importance of cultivating awareness of the mind, body, and emotions, as well as encouraging kindness and self-compassion on and off the mat. In Julia’s classes you can expect a harmonious blend of breathwork, meditation, and mindful movement, designed to create a sense of connection with yourself. 

Julia firmly believes that true well-being and lasting happiness stem from a profound understanding of ones individuality and is committed to helping you navigate your practice according to your own needs.

Her mission is to create a safe space where you can connect with your body and mind to help you understand yourself better and learn what works for you (and only you!) and what doesn’t. 

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or stepping onto the mat for the first time, Julia is excited to meet you exactly where you are in your unique journey!

Vanessa Garbellini

Vinyasa | Slow Flow | Restorative

Vanessa has been drawn to ancient traditions/techniques since a quite young age. She was introduced to mantras and meditation as a teenager. She experienced her first yoga class at 16 years ago and deeply connected to it, since then, Vanessa lives the yoga philosophy daily. She believes that it is needed to embody the teachings in order to offer it to other human beings.

She has been devoted to yogic teachings, her life purpose. She has already taken studies in yin yoga, vinyasa, restorative yoga, hatha, power yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, pre & post natal and Shakti Prana Master Training. Some of her teachers are Janet Stone, Brad Hay, Katie Rose, Lara Zilibowitz, Brooke Elliston, Bernie Clark, among others.

Vanessa also serves as a holistic therapist, where she undertook studies in many modalities of energy healing, human development, counselling, meditation and shamanism.

She is a curious being and loves to explore life and its mysteries fully, embracing everything that comes her way. “Yoga is the path of self liberation and self realisation, we all deserve to come back to our hearts and souls as we explore the limitless potential we hold within

Philli Bartik

For Philli, yoga is a way of life and a state of being that continues to support and celebrate our existence and awakening. It is both the space holder and the stabilizer as we master the dynamism of the beauty and the challenges that we may encounter throughout our lives. Passionately inspired by the traditional teachings (Yoga, Tantra and Veda) and applying them therapeutically to our contemporary lifestyles, Philli honours the potency of these teachings and offers them to our community to share the liberation and joy of the science and practice of Yoga.

Philli has been devoted to yogic study for the past 15 years under the mentorship of master teachers such as Sally Kempton, Tara Judelle (Embodied Flow), Carlos Pomeda, Rose Baudin, Dr Robert Svoboda, Mark Dyczkowski, Swami Lakshmanjoo, Swami khecaranatha, Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker, Dr Sumit Kesarkar, Ana Forrest and others. Within the last 10 years of teaching, her continued practice has been the main source of nourishment for her teaching. The source of Philli’s inspiration has evolved as her subtlety in its purpose and the efficacy of her teachers has developed. What currently drives her teaching is the desire to support and celebrate our current embodied existence and to inspire and educate others in the yogic practices that stand as tools that gift personal sovereignty over our own individualised journey to health and well-being. Philli advocates for independence! 

As a Yoga facilitator of 11 years and Yoga Therapist of 6 years, Philli guides her students and clients into somatic and energetic explorations in order to focus attention inwards, creating a greater overall body-mind connection and agency to reclaim independence and health.  Philli’s classes are woven with pranayama, bandha, kriyas, meditation and Tantric Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy as a means for offering the true essence of yoga. Acknowledging with reverence the sophisticated and sacred nature of the human organism, Philli embodies and advocates for the human experience to be the vehicle for consciousness which awakens us to the vast possibilities of this life. Always striving to create a safe and nurturing environment for discovery and transformation, Philli’s orientation is to empower students with the agency to curate their own vitality by becoming more aware of their true nature.

Laura Hennessy

Trained in yoga, pranayama (breathwork), meditation and Pilates, Laura’s classes offer a supportive space for you to become more aware of your breath, energy, mind and body. Whether you are flowing through different asanas (poses) in Vinyasa, building strength and control in Pilates or releasing in Yin, you will consciously leverage your breath/energy (pranayama) in each class, creating a greater sense of connection to yourself.

Laura grew up on the northern beaches and loves being in nature, music and spending time with loved ones. The elements and astrology will often be interwoven into Laura’s class themes, and she’ll do her best to make you smile and enjoy the more challenging moments.

Myrthe Reijnders

Myrthe loves the Pilates feel where you really land in your body, gain new levels of awareness, and fire up that body mind connection.

She is passionate about everything movement, filling her days with sports. Growing up around athletes, nutritionists, and alternative medicine Myrthe prefers to look at health and mobility from a holistic perspective. Her hypermobility and full-time desk job as video editor and storyteller triggered a phase of ongoing injuries. She has since learned to gain control of movement and build strength.

Myrthe became a qualified mat Pilates teacher who practices daily as she believes Pilates serves as a fantastic foundation and is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. She wants to educate others, help create sustainable movement patterns, and prevent injuries.

Through her classes she aims to offer a variety of fun, strong, surprising challenges to anyone who walks through the door. “I would love for people to walk out feeling empowered and ready to do the things that are important to them, whether that is sports, carrying kids, working at a desk, or gaining strength and motivation after an injury. I want people to be able to sustain a lifestyle they love!”.