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Unwind From The Stresses of Life

D-F is a space for rest and renewal. We encourage you to arrive to unwind, using our yoga classes to cultivate balance and release physical and mental tension.

Increase Strength & Flexibility

Move to feel better without limitation. With over 35 yoga classes to choose from each week, you can explore and find the perfect blend to best deepen your practice, one that speaks uniquely to your body’s needs.

Our students report that they feel stronger and more capable in their bodies with consistent practice.

Enjoy Classes For All Skill Levels

Whether you’re considering yoga for the first time or have been practising for years, we have a range of classes at D-F to suit the full spectrum of skill levels.

From our beginner classes through to our workshops for experienced members, we will have the classes to suit your needs.

Explore Our Beautiful & Spacious Brookvale Studio

Let us welcome you personally to this space. We want to connect with you and share the many ways to make the most of your practice and the community around you.

Yoga Class Styles

A dynamic practice linking breath and movement through a creative series of postures, as well as a strong emphasis on alignment, allowing time to experience each movement while cultivating strength and build heat within the internal body.

Slow Flow cultivates strength and flexibility whilst offers a meditative experience. With the offering being “slow” it helps people to still move but for those that are not committed to a full vinyasa practice this is the happy medium.

A practice that offers tremendous space for rest and renewal. Yin encourages tissue resiliency, improves joint mobility and helps to reduce stress from daily life. You will find yourself in stationery held poses during our 60min class.

A class based on alignment, breathing and centering with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Safely sculpt your body and feel increased agility in your everyday movements.

We offer our prenatal class that is specific to your pregnancy in preparation for birth; as well as a gentle, flowing baby-friendly class. A casual class where you can feed, change or just have a cuddle with your bub anytime you need.

Progressive Vinyasa

Designed to create growth physically and emotionally whilst building strength and flexibility in a safe and carefully controlled environment. The pace of the class will stretch emotional endurance.

Enjoy Smaller Class Sizes with room to breathe

With limited class sizes and a beautiful, spacious studio, we guarantee you’ll have the room you need to get the most from our classes and not feel crowded in.  

Learn From Experienced & Friendly Teachers

We are home to diverse, worldly, wise and kind teachers. No class is the same, nor is any teacher. Explore and meet our wondrous team

Our skillful teachers carefully craft their classes to help guide a student’s physical experience so that every time they step on the mat they are receiving deep anatomical benefits

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