Meet Our Yin Yoga Master

Meet Truth Robinson

Renowned Yoga Teacher, Yin Master & Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.

We are so privileged and honoured to have Truth Robinson sharing his craft with us as a senior facilitator at Divine Flow every Tuesday evening. Truth is already known for his teachings to our online community and now we can’t wait to introduce you to his offerings in the flesh.

Truth comes to us with a wealth of knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Yoga, in particular Yin Yoga. Truth is a living example of how to incorporate the principles, philosophy and practices Yoga offers us in our modern fast paced world.

Having lived and breathed the teachings since discovering it himself in 2001, Truth embodies the practice both on and off the mat, devoting his life to this respective path.

Truth also teaches Yin Yoga Teachers Trainings across Australia and Bali, whilst working within a clinical setting as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist here in the beaches.

His in-depth functional anatomy knowledge has come from his experience as a bodyworker and through his rich tapestry of experiential knowledge and varied education, Truth has formulated a unique style of Yin Yoga to energise and inspire you to make significant changes emotionally and physically in your life.

Meditate With Truth

Truth is a renowned Yoga teacher in both the Northern Beaches and greater Australia!

We are bursting with excitement to share his offerings with you, allow your anatomy to be alchemised and your mind nourished with each of Truths classes.

Practice With Truth

Truth orchestrates his classes with Taost inspired meditation, philosophy and meridian theory whilst educating each student on our anatomical layers ~ the combination of these elements makes each practice accessible by both our physical and emotional bodies to enhance our demanding lives.