Moving into Autumn with a Fresh Body and Mind

In Autumn, as the days get shorter and the weather cooler, we prepare our bodies for the change ahead of us. In yoga it is the time for gathering and consolidating energy. Nature is slowing down after a productive Summer to shed its leaves to nourish the ground and restore during the cool wind. Similarly, we can tune in and let go of some outer layers and draw our energy inward. During this time we can acknowledge the year that has been, and shift gears to more structure and routine around the shorter days and daylight hours. If you find you sacrifice your breath in a dynamic and strong vinyasa practice, now is a great time to slow down and simplify.

As part of our yoga practice, setting some time aside for quiet meditation with no agenda will help us to feel grounded during this seasonal change. If you have disconnected with your meditation practice now is a good time to recommit to ‘down time’ with yourself, to sit, simplify, listen and be. If your meditation practice is solid, perhaps this is an opportunity for you to go deeper and incorporate yoga nidra.

By cultivating awareness this season and tuning into nature’s cycles, the result is a balanced, healthy and vibrant life.

We believe the most effective way to develop awareness around what your body needs and what state your mind and body are in at any given time, is to practice yoga. Allowing the asanas to rid any emotional or physical toxicity. Yoga is thousands of years old and stems from linking and combining poses in a meditative state. Through moving, twisting, bending, folding and turning our bodies upside down, we squeeze out residue toxins, remove blockages from our past, both physical and emotional, and we create a healthy internal system to function at our best. So do more yoga!

For the next 7 days (start at any time) our tips for you:

  1. Move slowly and deliberately, and avoid over committing yourself.
  2. Sit quietly with a warm lemon, ginger and honey water to kick start the body detoxification process.
  3. Over the next week try for 8 hours sleep a night, remind yourself that while we sleep our bodies work hard at getting us back to a state of equanimity.
  4. Try or add more yin and restorative practice to balance out your yang.
  5. Walk with bare feet in nature.