Passion, Play and Well-being in the Majestic Maldives

Do you notice how much of an effort you you need to make to get to something you really enjoy? Yoga and surfing is no different. When we enjoy our time on the mat, we’re motivated to keep coming back, regularly. For me, I love nothing more than cracking the edges in my face and smiling. So if I start to feel a little serious with my yoga practice, I seek out yoga teachers that soften the edge. I know those yoga classes might not offer me the deepest states of internal connection, but the enjoyment I feel inspires me and balances out the more serious moments on my mat.

If you want to inject a bit of lighthearted fun and enjoyment to your practice join our Maldives yoga retreat. Whether you are brand new to yoga or surfing take this as an opportunity to infuse your body with luminous moments. Float across the aqua waters on a SUP board in a guided meditation, paddle out from your villa to the surf point, connect mind, body and soul during yoga and plug into your surroundings.

Join us in Kandooma on the 18th June, 2018. I invite you to experience quality and authentic yoga as we combine elements of fire and water to get your body moving between yang and yin, for an experience and expression like no other. We have tailored this retreat to accommodate all levels of yoga and fitness.

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