Self-care activities mums should aim to fit into their week

How often do you hear within your circle “I do not have time anymore” or “I just did not get a minute to myself today”. Self-care looks different for everyone and there are many forms you can express kindness to yourself. I believe self-care is a practice, meaning I carve out time and create ritual around caring for myself. This practice helps me to embody calm, grace and vitality; it then ripples into all facets of my life. Being a wife, mum and business owner can be a lot at times but I have noticed if I am practising yoga or doing my daily meditation there is more space to digest, to think clearly, it helps me to combat overwhelm and without being reactive I can find a suitable response because I have adopted a mindfulness practice of self-care into my life. I strive for a conscious life and this means coming back to a ritual where I get to participate in self-care, self awareness and peace.

7 ways you can bring self-care into your day or week:

  • Lighting incense and candles in the house to create ambience that reflects calm.
  • Dry brushing to stimulate skin renewal and circulation.
  • Journaling – pen to paper can be very therapeutic and creates clarity.
  • Making a space in the house that is your meditation zone. Make this your sanctuary and sacred space.
  • Painting – lets those creative splashes bring you joy.
  • I have a bag where my husband and I put our phones in called “coconuts” and we have time off our devices at night.

Creating your self-care practice is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. I think becoming a mother has heightened my desire to become more mindful in this area so I can be the conscious parent or spiritual partner our girl needs. As a mother a lot of energy and attention is naturally given to our babies so it is important we take care of ourselves so we can continue to nourish our children. I feel like the more awareness you cultivate of self the more we are able to be mindful of the world around us. We can start to associate this as a tool to transform and elevate the spheres in which you influence.

Be kind and willing to always connect back to yourself.