Top Tips to De-stress Your Workspace

Top Tips to De-stress Your Workspace













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Creating space to work in the safety of your own home or work place, can be as pleasing as eating your favourite chocolate bar. But we are often short on time, or look at the pile of notes that just keep growing, and the temptation of procrastination can be of much ease.

We have found working from a space that is tidy, organised and feels fresh, can simultaneously spark an increase of motivation, inspiration and creativity.

Here are our best tips for rebuilding your sacred work space.


Be prepared and know this might be the biggest step to transforming your working space. If you look around at all the clutter in the space, connect with what feels good to you, and what makes you smile when you see it. Broken headphones off you go. Empty notepad, see you later. Leaving only the items around your work space that bring JOY and practicality.

Open The Blinds & Say Hello

Most of us set up our working space quickly & at a time that is the most stressful, not realising that the position of the desk is directly in the sunlight or in the darkest and coldest position of the room. Take time to plan where your sacred working space will be. Find a space that is bright & shares air. On those crazy, busy days, use the window to regroup yourself, and the closing of the blinds, to engage in some mindful moments of peace whilst separating yourself from your work and home.

Essential Oils

Including our senses can be quite the delight. Find a peaceful & calming blend of essential oil that resonates with you and add a few drops into your diffuser can instantly create an uplift, inspired and blissful work day. Essential oils can be the key to reduced stress,reduced headaches/ migraines. Today we are blending “citrus” in our DF office for a more brighter and uplifting tone.

Divine Flow Playlist

Plug into our carefully curated DF Playlist for some inspiration for your work environment. Let the feelings flow just as you would in our yoga space – unrestricted without boundary.

I Am… (Mantra)

Using a single word or small sentence such as ‘I am productive’, on a white board or small notepad, can connect you to the idea that you are and you will be. As those stressful & tense moments arise within your day you have a resource that can remind you, to step back, take a breath and find yourself.

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