Yoga and the power of community at Divine Flow Yoga

Yoga and the power of community at Divine Flow Yoga













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Yoga brings community

We are a people centered business and true to our core values human to human connection is at the heart of what we do.

Have you ever really wondered if yoga is really for you? The moment where you book into somewhere you have never been and the uncertainty of the arrival process and experience is all too much?

Yoga brings community. It is a practice that gathers people together in this unspoken synergy that serves up wholeness and steadiness.

We recently celebrated women that inspire us, women that embrace community, connection and joy! The morning started at Lululemon where we were embraced by Brittany Baker, Assistant Store manager who warmly welcomed us in and made our fitting experience so special.

We all walked away with their buttery soft Align pants and top range for a mediation and slow flow in our Brookvale sanctum. The sense of empowerment, when you are celebrated just as you are allows for the opportunity to release the outer armor of external experience.

Here is how to embrace our community

Divine Flow Yoga is something to be a part of, something to be immersed in.
Arrive as yourself, there is no need to wear a mask. The more you practice, the more you feel. The more you can understand that yoga is not competitive and the teacher will remind you of the importance of feeling the practice for your unique body. You are welcome here just as you are. Make your practice bespoke.

Consistency is key

When you keep on practicing you keep on seeing familiar faces that may have the same goals and experiences as you. The opportunity of strangers connecting and forming friendships is not uncommon. In fact, people often feel the uplift of a friendly conversation and welcoming smile.
In my experience, the greatest sight is where long standing members welcome in new members and instantly bond over a common interest.

Planetary Prayer

Solid scientific evidence has shared that group meditation and yoga classes can help to reduce social issues like crime. Yoga is meditation in flow and this is amplified when a collective turns personal prayer into planetary prayer. When the practice becomes bigger than ourselves.

At Divine Flow Yoga, our community is our center. If you are interested in joining our classes, workshops or retreats you are so welcome just as you are.

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