Yoga teacher Training

D-F Studio 200hr

Yoga teacher training

Evolve your Mind and Body

This course will expand your mind and understanding of all of this and more through a deep dive into the ancient teachings of Yoga. 

Understanding how our Physical, Mental and Energetic bodies work (or quite often not work) and how to bring them back to flow. 

You will be taken through a process of self realisation and given the practical tools to teach a wide variety of classes and practices.

Course starts 18th August 2023

our vision

A transformative space that is grounded in the ancient tools and wisdom of yoga.

An inviting home to deepen your practice, surrounded by world class teachers and all the nourishing goodness one needs in this busy world we live in.

Our vision is to create confident thriving and awakened leaders who embody the power of the traditional yogic teachings.

We aim to be leaders in movement and mindfulness, a world class space to practice and experience the benefits of yoga and meditation, using it as a tool for growth and expansion to enrich people’s everyday lives.

Who is our teacher training for?

Our teacher training is perfect if you are someone who is:

  • Looking to empower yourself with confidence and leadership skills.
  • Looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the healing and transformative potentials of the yogic teachings.
  • Looking for a career change, wanting to work in an industry that is focused on absolute health and wellbeing, surrounding yourself with like minded individuals
  • Looking to understand in more detail the teachings of your favourite classes on a whole new level.
  • Love yoga and just want to practice as much as possible.

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Our 200 hr teacher training is an opportunity to deep dive into the alchemy of the yogic teachings and it’s unending capacity to transform our my internal and external worlds.

what you'll learn

Whether you are looking to teach or simply deepen your knowledge and experience of these transformational sciences this training will develop your embodiment of the time old wisdoms of how to live with greater self leadership, sovereignty, joy and connection to ourselves and the world around us.


anatomy, physiology and biomechanics

Learn how to move and guide the body safely and intelligently through embodied alignment of the classical yoga poses as well as functional and philosophical sequencing.

yogic philosophy

The wisdoms of the yogic systems and sciences are the oldest recorded texts we have unearthed in civilisation and their capacity to remain relevant tools to help us unlock the potential within ourselves has transcended the evolution of man into our modern day societies.

yogic technologies

You will learn the yogic technologies that activate the yogic teachings and enliven the potential hidden within our being including: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Kriya and Ayurveda

subtle body, chakras & energetics

Within the subtle layers of our vessel are activating current of life, energies that infuse every fibre of our being with intelligence and life force. You will be guided into a deep embodied understanding of the power of the subtle energies the yogi’s master to optimise their state of functioning.


You will be confident in skilfully sequencing and crafting classes to intelligently inclusive of the multi dimensional elements of yoga to create impactful classes and use the modality of movement as medicine to help heal people.

voice coaching & presenting

Your voice is your most powerful platform for communication. Your ability to articulate and speak with clarity and accuracy while evoking a tapestry of emotions and bring to life the felt sense of your stories and messages is one of the greatest skills we embody as a yoga teacher.

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Info Nights

Info Night 1

Thursday – March 30th 7-7.30pm (free) with Eliza Giles- bookings via timetable

Info Night 2

Thursday – April 20th 7-7.30pm (free) with Eliza Giles – bookings via timetable

course dates


18th – 21st August (Half day Monday)

weekend 1

25th August – 27th August

weekend 2

8th September – 10th September

weekend 3

15th September – 17th September

weekend 4

29th September – 1st October

Exam weekend

7th October – 8th October

Kind Words

The moment I stepped into D-F studio to take my first class I knew I had chosen the right place to undertake my Yoga teacher training. Eliza Hayward was so accommodating and helpful and answered all my questions in relation to the training, and the space is just beautiful. Our amazing mentor Eliza Giles the teacher and facilitator of the training was incredible. Her knowledge and passion was inspiring and her care of all trainees was just beautiful. I feel the depth of what I learned was broad yet delivered so well. I am excited to begin my journey as a yoga teacher with the help guidance and support of Eliza H and Eliza G. If you’re interested in teaching yoga, or having a journey of self discovery I would highly recommend D-F studio teacher training.

- DF Student, Kylie Hall

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