5 Reasons Athletes Should Do Yoga

At Divine Flow we are incredibly inspired to offer yoga to athletes. It provides an extra edge through balance, flexibility, breath and mental sharpness.

The strong desire to be constantly improving is a key component of competitive sport. We believe athletic goals are shaped by having a strong body, split decision making, the ability to expand the capacity to move forward and other ways of advancing, including a yoga and meditation ritual.


We understand the importance of rest and recovery. The body needs to recover and prepare so that the muscles are ready to go for the next game or competition. Deep breathing in yoga helps to send much needed oxygen to the muscles. When muscles become tight after physical movement, it is important to stretch the body correctly, we work with alignment to ensure the muscles improve its elasticity and that our students are working safely within their yoga practice. These tailored classes will help to remove lactic acid in the body so it aids in muscle recovery after strenuous training.


Injuries can heavily interfere with training and performance. For many athletes a season ending injury could be their greatest concern. We work with the body and also the mind to keep athletes feeling balanced, we help to relieve stress on the joints and muscles, increase flexibility to avoid tightness and ultimately to offer more range of motion in the body. A yoga practice begins alone with a gentle warm up to prepare the muscles and connective tissues for movement ahead. The following yoga postures make sure that the muscles surrounding vulnerable joints such as knees and ankles are strong enough to allow for any quick, explosive movements that mark athletic performance.


Through regular training and exercise our athletes can in time put more stress on the body rather than reducing it. Yoga can help athletes settle the mind and alleviate tension around self expectation. The stress hormone cortisol is carried in your body during stressful times, throughout a yoga practice of deeply connecting, focusing and relaxing the stress levels naturally reduce leaving our athletes less stressed and present.


It is common to focus on the muscles that are heavily used in your sport or activity. We remind our athletes that the body is deeply connected, when you neglect one area of your body, it creates weakness and imbalance. We focus on smaller muscle groups that we take for granted but could be one of the most fundamental areas of the body used for training and performance.


Athletes who mindfully prepare are the ones that make it to the top!! During this program we will include a practice of meditation at the end of the class where we specialise in a performance specific visualisation meditation. A tool our athletes can use before a match, or before they enter the surf heat. Gerry Lopez (professional surfer) among many other professional athletes, is a firm believer in this and maintained a ritual before every heat when he was competing.


Starting from October 8th, we’ll be hosting a 5 week yoga course for athletes at Divine Flow. There will be 1 tailored class each week on Mondays at 6pm including meditation. You’ll have access to over 13 classes on top of the athletes tailored class.

The course is $89 for the 5 weeks if you reserve your spot now, or $118 at the full price in September.