5 reasons why you should do pilates

5 reasons why you should do pilates













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Pilates is about creating the right kind of body, strong, toned and free from pain. I didn’t have a ‘Pilates body’ before I started with Pilates classes, and everyone needs to start somewhere. So no matter how out of shape you feel, you can improve on that. Once you commit to 1 or 2 classes a week, you will be addicted like me! Pilates has lots of modifications for all levels, so whether you are a beginner or you want a challenge, we can accommodate for you!

Read on for the top 5 reasons why you should practice Pilates at Divine Flow.

1. Abs of Steel

Strong abdominals mean a flatter abdomen, enhanced movement technique, improved postural problems and reduced risk of back injuries. There are four paired abdominal muscles: rectus abdominis, external oblique, internal oblique, and transversus abdominis. In pilates we work all of the abdominal muscles with a particular focus on the deepest layer, the transversus abdominis, which is the stabiliser for the entire lower back and core muscles, but is rarely talked about anywhere else but in pilates. A bonus of all the abdominal exercises performed in a pilates class is that six pack!

2. Great Glutes

A lot of our exercises in pilates activate all 3 muscles of the glutes; gluteus maximum, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. Our glutes are a very important as they help to maintain good posture. However, when our glutes are not working like they should be (cue sitting at a desk all day), it can cause other muscles to start taking on the extra load, which may cause issues with posture, muscle pain, and potentially increasing chances of injury. Along with the health benefits of having strong, properly activating glutes is a good looking butt. Pilates is known for its all natural Brazilian butt lift!

3. Spinal Health

The goal of pilates is to achieve coordinated movements of the spine in all directions. Particularly important is spinal flexion as many people lack flexibility in their lower back and have difficulty achieving normal motion. How many of you can touch your toes? Pilates can restore this healthy flexibility or if you have the flexibility, it can improve your fine control. We also balance out spinal flexion with lots of exercises involving spinal extension to strengthen the backs posterior chain. Pilates also helps to strengthen all of the postural muscles which will ease any back pain and improve muscle strength and tone of your abdominal muscles which is important for core stability to protect your lower back.

4. Mind-Body Connection

Pilates requires concentration. You need to concentrate on maintaining the correct alignment of your body and stabilisation of the muscles throughout the exercises.  There really is no time to think about anything else but what your instructor is telling you to focus on, which means you can tick being mindful off your to do list that day. We also focus on the breath, encouraging deep lateral breathing, which engages and fires up the core and oxygenates the muscles, as well as improves general wellbeing.

5. Pilates is for everyone

Pilates can be dynamic, fun, fast-paced and energising, which appeals to a lot of people. Pilates movements are low stress on the back and joints it makes it a perfect exercise system for overweight, arthritic, and the ageing population. Pilates exercises have many modifications so your instructor is able to suit everybody’s health and fitness levels.

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