A sustainable and eco-conscious homemade studio + props

Whilst creating the Divine Flow yoga studio, Owners Andrew & Eliza were passionate about using sustainable and eco products. With our foundation based on community and a place for people to reside their practice in. We found Mandala Living (a local business) to create our bolsters that aligned with our space and values of being sustainable.

“Divine Flow is a beautiful studio that has such a lovely community. I love that Eliza and Andrew worked together to create this special space and chose to support our business as a local manufacturer of eco-friendly props. They really valued that our products were made locally and environmentally friendly. From the moment I walk up the stairs, I start to relax as I enter the studio. My favourite class would have to be the restorative, I love that sometimes we even get to use 2 bolsters each.” – Tara, owner of Mandala Living

About Tara

I live in Manly with my husband, 3 children and 3 pets. After a background in TV and advertising, I was looking to spend more time with the family and to do something with flexible hours. I initially trained as a yoga teacher specialising in yin and restorative and then started Mandala Living a few years ago when I could not find a good quality bolster that I liked. I wanted to create a product that was made locally, looked beautiful and was good for you. I was also keen to make products that minimised the impact on the environment and consciously sourced eco-friendly materials. We love to find unique premium fabrics that are the end of supply, limited edition or made by artisans. Some of our premium fabrics have been sourced from Japan, France and the US. We make all of our cushions locally on the Northern Beaches. There are over 100 plastic bottles saved from landfill in each of our bolsters and our meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat from rural NSW. We do not waste any fabric, creating mini lavender eye pillows and heat packs with all our leftover fabric. Our mission is to help people relax, to slow down and take a moment for themselves to rest and recharge.