5 Week Beginner / Foundation Program

11th August 2021


2.00 - 3.30pm


Divine Flow Yoga


22 William Street, Brookvale NSW


Eliza Hayward





About This Event

Welcome to our transformative space that is grounded in the ancient tools, science and wisdom of yoga. An inviting home to deepen your practice, surrounded by world class teachers and all the nourishing good-ness one needs in this busy world we live in.


For Beginners & Those Wanting To Strengthen Their Foundations

Whether you are new to yoga or a practiced yogi, this program will support your journey by deepening your awareness and understanding.

This program is an offering to acknowledge the importance of why we are utilising these tools and technologies so that we have the awareness to observe all sensations that showcase themselves. 

Our aim is to give you the guidance to create a lasting practice so you can dismantle and dissolve structures that cause disharmony in the body and mind.

It is encouraged to start at the beginning to move slower and solidify the foundations  so that we may understand the roots of the practice. 

Receive Unlimited Access & Learning Material

Experience The Many Benefits of Yoga

At Divine Flow our skilful teachers carefully craft their classes to help guide a student’s physical experience so that every time they step on the mat they are receiving deep anatomical benefits.

Flexibility and prior experience not necessary

Flexibility is something that is developed over time and not required to participate in our beginners program, or our standard yoga classes for that matter. 


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