Explore Your Practice: Inversions

14th & 15th March 2020
$45 each or $80 for both


12:00pm - 2:00pm


Divine Flow Yoga


22 William St Brookvale


Eliza Hayward





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About This Event

Inversions Day 1: Set the foundation through movement exploration

Join Sara Zavik for 2 hours of intelligent and explorative movement, drills and yoga asana highlighting the range of motion and muscles needed to prepare for inversions. This workshop will include:

    • Education on the range of motion (R.O.M) of the human body and how it applies to our yoga practice and our everyday lives, inspired from the Functional Range Conditioning FRC system
    • Fun and creative use of props and drills to enhance your understanding of your body and how it applies to the more common yoga poses done in the practice
    • Partner work to get objective feedback of your movement and where your body is in space
    • Strengthening and mobility drills to illuminate the core, spine, hips, glutes, shoulders and wrists

Who is this for?

    • EVERYONE, from beginners to seasoned practitioners
    • Students wanting to dive deeper into their practice, whether you are inverting or not, you will definitely get something out of this workshop
    • Individuals who are curious about the difference between flexibility and mobility, and it’s importance to their daily movements
    • People who want to learn more about how the body moves to empower and embody how their own individual body moves

What you will walk away with:

    • A foundational understanding to advance and invert your practice
    • Stronger, more stable body with a better understanding of how you hold yourself in space
    • Upside-down playtime starting with handstands, guided and self practice play
    • A relatable understanding of movement patterns and how it’s useful to our yoga practice and daily lives



Inversions Day 2: Fearless Flight

Join Sara Zavik for 2 hours of fun and exciting mental and physical preparation for exploring the upside down world without fear. This workshop will build and layer from our work and play of Day 1, and will include:

    • An experiential review of our range of motion, mobility and strengthening drills
    • Informative explanation of the wrists, elbows and shoulder girdle to enhance your knowledge of balancing on your hands & forearms
    • Drills, drills, drills
    • More upside-down play plus options to build on handstand and forearm balance

Who is this for?

    • Students looking to advance their practice, specifically handstand and forearm balance
    • People intrigued about how their body moves in space and how it correlates to inversions and other yoga asana

What you will walk away with:

    • more confidence to invert your practice
    • enhanced understanding of your body
    • mobilizing and strengthening tools you can apply to any practice
    • joy and excitement in the process of the practice and all the steps along the way
    • build your skills to an already existing inversion practice

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