Hypnobreathwork – Altered State

13th October


6:30- 7:30pm


D-F studio


22 William Street, Brookvale NSW


Eliza Hayward




about this event

HypnoBreathwork is a tool for self mastery with Dave Murphy

Ready to transform your wellbeing and connect to a deeper sense of meaning in your life?

Introducing: Altered State

A breathwork journey to release emotions, enhance creativity and deepen our sense of connection.

Through this deep, experiential breathwork sessions, we’ll surface our subconscious mind allowing us to reprogram any limiting beliefs and see life from a whole new perspective.

From there we’ll get clarity on how we can step towards a freer, more connected, co-creative state of being.

HypnoBreathwork description:
HypnoBreathwork combines breathwork, gentle hypnosis, visioning and meditation into one short but incredibly powerful experience.

It works by using a specific connected breathing technique which allows us to quieten down our thinking, rational mind and surface our subconscious mind.

HypnoBreathwork can be used for healing, by processing or unblocking emotions from past relationships, experiences, traumas, stress and anxiety, or to access more clarity, energy, vitality, creativity, inspiration – ultimately putting ourselves into what’s often referred to as flow state.

Both are equally powerful and beneficial to creating a more meaningful, connected and fulfilling life.

About the facilitator

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Dave spent 15 years working in brand marketing with some of the most iconic brands, all around the world.

After a transformational breathwork experience during a retreat in the Netherlands in 2017, Dave began to experiment with breathwork as a means to enhance creativity and bring a greater level of meaning to his life.

He went on to complete his HypnoBreathwork certification and today helps individuals, groups and businesses access flow state on demand and generate greater levels of wellbeing, creativity and connection.

Investment – $33 for casual drop in *bookings are required 


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