Health, wellness and organic skincare with Saya

Health, wellness and organic skincare with Saya













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Saya Skincare is a beautiful Australian organic skincare range, made from homegrown botanicals. Their wonderful products kept our Maldives retreaters skin nourished after days spent in the sun and sea.

Here we talk to Saya, the founder of the brand, about looking after your skin in winter, exercise and younger looking skin.

What are the main Australian botanical ingredients used in Saya Skincare and why were they chosen? What are the benefits?

We have an extensive variety of native ingredients used in my products. Our signature blend is Illawarra flame tree, Kakadu Plum and Crown of Gold. These three I have found to be the most beneficial natives to use in skincare. Other natives we use are Desert Lime, Quandong, Kangaroo Apple and Banksia.

The benefits of these Australian natives are incredibly active and potent to protect and promote healthy skin. The beauty about using natural plant derived ingredients is that nature does not just create a single compound, it has evolved efficient and synergistic relationships between multiple compounds to sustain its life force – this powerful multi-functionality is translated when these botanicals are combined with our product formulations. These native botanicals have been surviving the harshest conditions on the planet by evolving highly efficient mechanisms to create and store the vital compounds to sustain their life force.

The Australian extracts used in my range, have been sourced from the highest quality raw materials from Organic growers, and Wild Harvested in collaboration with Indigenous Enterprises. Australian Native plants and fruits are acquired through practices that support Fair Trade, Community Development and Eco-sustainable Practices.

What does an organic lifestyle mean to you?

Choose whole natural foods that are locally sourced and choose plant based clean natural and organic skincare products. Avoid products that contain synthetic chemical ingredients, don’t waste and look for recyclable packaged products.

How do you look after your health and wellness?

I exercise regularly, usually walking/running Noosa national park and surfing. I choose whole natural foods and always locally sourced, using organic clean skincare.

How does exercise affect your skin?

I think exercise is so beneficial not only for my skin but also my mind and wellbeing. I feel energised and alive from exercising regularly plus sweating it is the perfect way to detoxify your body it makes you drink plenty more water which helps promotes healthy glowing skin.

Top tips for taking care of your skin during winter?

Apply a moisturiser immediately after showering.

Moisturisers work by trapping existing moisture in your skin, so trap this much-needed moisture into your skin by applying a moisturiser immediately after cleansing your skin, showering and washing your hands.

Switch your products

Save your lotion for summer and use a rich cream for the cooler and dryer months.  Creams are more effective and nourishing than lotions. Try our Rich Body Crème, rich in skin nourishing Shea butter, Coconut oil and macadamia oil. For your face, Argan Oil can be a wonderfully versatile solution to use on its own or add to your daily moisturiser for an instant boost. Other fab ingredients that help soothe dry skin include hyaluronic acid, this miracle molecule has the ability to hold and retain moisture in the skin while feeling superbly silky and soft as soon as you apply it to the skin. Both of our daily moisturisers, Balance Moisture and Intense Moisture have high levels of Hyaluronic acid as well as our Eye Cream.

What advice would you give someone who wants younger looking skin?

Drink plenty of water daily and exercise regularly. Keep it simple but be consistent with your skincare routine, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise using natural and organic skincare.

Shop the Saya Skincare range at and follow their Insta @sayaskincare.

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