Hottest Places to Workout in Sydney

Hottest Places to Workout in Sydney













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There is no doubt that Sydney is a hot spot for trendy workouts. From silent yoga discos, to nightclub themes, there is truly something for everyone. Here are some of the hottest workouts in Sydney right now.


Founded by Cameron Falloon, a former strength and conditioning coach for various international soccer teams and elite AFL teams, BFT offes a science backed, community-based functional training program. 13 workout programs are artfully organised into 8-week progressive blocks utilising scientifically proven training techniques aimed to reduce fat and create lean muscle.

BFT have recently released their new bespoke heart rate technology called BFT³, a world first in group training tech, which aligns with BFT programs and optimises member results. While most heart rate monitors purely reward high heart rates(cardio), this bespoke system is designed to reward ALL styles of training, particularly strength and resistance training.

BFT is launching in Sydney in a big way. 10-studios have launched already with more to follow. Rugby League legend Robbie Farah just launched his first of three studios in May, 2022.

Flow Athletic

Flow Athletic is a beautiful studio in Paddington that offers everything from personal training to yoga, spin, run club and barre. They recently celebrated their 9th year in business, but they continue to innovate, offering new classes, events and concepts from Afro Beats to Flow After Dark. If you are a Paddington local, this is one studio where you get access to variety, and extremely welcoming community and innovative programs, classes and events to keep you guessing. You may even spot the likes of Sammy Robinson and Erin Holland who are frequently at this studio.

Combine Air

Combine Air uses the world’s most elite training technology with training programs of purpose, creating fitness benefits that have been preserved for the elite for over 50 years.

Combine Air drops daily squad training sessions 3500m above sea level in a simulated altitude training arena. You’ll get a mix of hybrid boxing, resistance and conditioning all on their ‘Field of Green’.

Each 50-minute squad-based training session is designed to empower ALL-STARS to live their best life on and off the field, developing a passion for the game whilst instilling teamwork, drive and individual sportsmanship – just like the pros. Add the electric coaches, beats and a squad that supports you through and through… you’re in for one hell of a session.

Infinite Cycle

Infinite Cycle use state-of-the-art smart bikes which tilt 22 degrees in each direction – just like a real bike. This technology doesn’t just make the workout more thrilling (and realistic), it also delivers serious physical benefits. The movement of the bike forces muscles to engage that wouldn’t otherwise fire-up when riding a regular stationary bike.

The result? Compared to other stationary bikes, you’ll burn 20% more calories, work your core and upper body way harder, and protect your joints from the unnatural stressors that are usually part-and-parcel with riding normal indoor cycles.

On top of all this, Infinite Cycle also provide Infinite Cycle @ Home. This subscription-based fitness program allows you to rent or buy a bike to use in tandem with the Infinite Cycle @ HOME app for effective workouts from the comfort of your own living room.

Divine Flow Yoga

Divine Flow Yoga is a beautiful yoga studio on the Northern Beaches. It was founded by Eliza Hayward and is a great space for those who value community, inclusion, purpose, rest and connection. Within their walls, you will find a home to purposeless add the ritual of movement, breath and stillness all in one.

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