Inspirations and Motivations with ASUVI

Inspirations and Motivations with ASUVI













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As we celebrate our new members with the launch of our new welcome pack which includes a complimentary ASUVI natural deodorant. We support sustainability with our studio being built by recycled materials where possible. We celebrate ASUVI for making such a great impact on our environment and community. Here we get to know the founder behind ASUVI, Thomas Richard.

1. Tell us about ASUVI

I started ASUVI 3 years ago at Warriewood farmer’s markets with the goal of making the most sustainable bathroom essentials. Our biodegradable refill deodorant was our debut product and was the first of it’s kind. Since the we launched a toothbrush and hand soap. We believe that the products we use should nurture our bodies and reduce the harm to the natural world on which we depend. We engrain this philosophy into everything we do by doing bigger things like contributing 1% of sales to enviro initiatives and less noticeable things like making our brochures and shipping packaging from recycled paper.

2. What was your vision when you started the brand?

When I started the brand my vision was just to make a really sustainable deodorant but that has since developed into offering a more sustainable solution to all bathroom essentials. There are so many products out there that still need improvement and it’s really a never-ending process.

3. Has your love for the outdoors and environment been the biggest catalyst in creating ASUVI? Where else do you look for inspiration?

Yes my love for the outdoors is a big influence and one of the reasons I started ASUVI. Protecting the places where we surf, ski and adventure is so important to me and it’s really these places that give me the energy to get out of bed every morning and enjoy life. On the flip side, I also find inspiration in the built world. There’s lots of amazing technology and materials that are enabling us to live a modern life in a more sustainable way.

4. Do you have a morning ritual?

At the moment I’m trying to get back to my pre-COVID ritual which consists of a little yoga session out on the balcony and a walk down to the beach followed by a shower and coffee. This always makes for more productive days even though it feels a little self-indulgent at the time.

5. What is next for ASUVI?

We’re really trying to provide more value for our customers beyond just the products this year. We want to create a stronger community for people who believe in what we do about being more sustainable and reducing your impact. There are also definitely more products on the horizon late this year or early next but they’ve got to be pushing the boundaries so they take a while.

Founder: Thomas
Website link: ASUVI Deodorant
Instagram: @asuvi_cos

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