Movement, Mantra and Manifestation

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Divine Flow’s inspirational teacher Sophie (@talkingtotrees_sophie) will be holding a new yoga workshop series at Divine Flow this year.

Each healing workshop will cover a different topic and technique for manifesting your deepest desires and healing any common problems that might be associated with that topic.

We caught up with Sophie to talk about her vision for the yoga workshop and what students can expect from each class.

Tell us about yourself and your vision as a yoga teacher.

It is my vision as a yoga teacher and reiki therapist to offer an holistic approach to healing ourselves. Over time, I have collected little tips and practices that I use on myself such as reiki, yoga and pilates, breath work, mantras, mindfulness and journaling. I have had such positive results, I am ready and excited to share them. My vision is to aid my students’ healing process with the intention for them to live more mindfully, to find their true authentic self and to manifest their deepest desires.

What is it you want to share with your ‘movement, mantra and manifestation’ workshops?

If you are looking for a self-healing session that has a little taste of everything then, ‘movement, mantra and manifestation’ is the workshop for you. This workshop combines yoga classes, pilates, breath work, mantras, mindfulness techniques and journaling, offering a smorgasbord of techniques for you to choose from to help you manifest your deepest desires, to align with your true, authentic self and to become the best version of you, you can be.

What is a chakra?

Chakras are potent energy centres that have a unique vibrational frequency. A really basic understanding and awareness of the different chakras can enhance and improve your life in astonishing ways. Chakra loosely translates to “wheel,” and there are seven chakras in the body that begin at the base of your spine and move all the way to the top of your head. They control all parts of your body and influence everything from how you handle emotional stress to your bodies’ resistance to disease. We will be exploring four of these energy centres (the base, the solar plexus, the heart and the throat) in order to help us heal specific wounds, improve our manifestation work with the Law of Attraction and to boost our overall wellbeing.

How can students expect to feel after one of your workshops?

The yoga workshops will arm students with an understanding of several techniques for self healing and manifestation. People learn in different ways and people practice spirituality or mindfulness differently. Some may prefer to journal, others prefer to move mindfully, others to talk it out. My intention is that my students will leave with a plethora of tools to start their own self healing journey. Students may leave the workshop feeling a sense of clarity and motivation to make a real start on their healing and manifestation journey.

Can complete beginners attend?

Anyone with an open mind is welcome to attend. All of the physical practices will have options for beginners and progressions for regular students.

What are the focus points for each of the 4 sessions?

SESSION 1 – THE BASE – I am a magnet for abundance

Session 1 will focus on the BASE chakra (right at the tip of your tailbone, the base of the spine and pelvis) and healing any imbalances that are associated with this energy centre.

Movement: Our movement flow will focus on grounding yourself to the earth’s support to rebalance, to feel safe, secure and supported. As well as using slow standing poses and grounding down through the feet.

We will then focus some of the common physical issues that may be manifesting around it; these usually show up physically in the lower back, knees and hamstrings.

And finally,  we will take ownership and responsibility for our future finances and basic needs as we delve into how to manifest money and financial freedom into our lives. We will explore and re-write our “money story” and I will provide some mantras and journaling practices to manifest your ideal job, house and finances.

SESSION 2 – THE SOLAR PLEXUS – I am enough, just as I am

Session 2 will focus on the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra (just between the rib cage, above the belly button), and healing any imbalances that are associated with this energy centre.

Movement: Our movement flow will focus on working the core, side waist and back, tapping into the energy centre that relates to our sense of self worth, self-confidence and and self-esteem.

We will then focus on some of the issues that may be manifesting around it; these usually show up physically in the belly and mid-back, rib cage and diaphragm.

Finally, we will take ownership and responsibility for our own sense of self and a positive body image as we delve into how to manifest self-love and confirm our own self worth.

SESSION 3 – THE HEART – I love, I am loved, I am loveable

In this session we will focus on the energetic centre of the heart and healing any imbalances that are associated with this energy centre.

Movement: Our movement flow will A great heart opening practice. We combine back bending, shoulder and upper chest openers and lots of juicy twists that will ease the spine and heart open. Expect to see baby cobra, danurasana, and urdvha danurasana.

We will then focus on some of the issues that may be manifesting around it; these usually show up physically in the chest, shoulders, upper back and arms, with the penultimate goal to tap into attracting more love, compassion and forgiveness into our lives.

SESSION 4 – THE THROAT – I communicate clearly, with confidence and courage.

Having trouble speaking up or standing up for what you believe in? A blocked throat chakra can impact your ability to communicate clearly and confidently (usually due to fear of ridicule and judgement).

Movement: Our movement will free up any tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw and upper back, to experience truth and honesty in your body and life.

Clearing out any energetic blockages with the ultimate goal being to leave equipped with techniques and tips for how to ensure you are expressing yourself clearly and honestly in any situation with confidence.

What are some tips for students wanting to apply ‘movement, mantra and manifestation’ in their everyday lives?

I would ask that students take what they like and leave the rest. Some students work better with movement, and only movement, others resonate with the mantras, and others prefer to journal. Take what you like from the sessions, and incorporate them in little doses into your life. Start with small achievable steps.

Stay tuned for the workshop dates or email to register your interest.

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