Our students share their experiences at Divine Flow

Our students share their experiences at Divine Flow













about this event

Our vision is to be present within our community and for Divine Flow to feel like a lifestyle choice. It has always been important to us that we create a space that makes everyone feel a part of something.

That’s why we love nothing more than hearing from our students about their journeys at our Brookvale yoga studio. We want you to feel just as comfortable and at home in our yoga classes or beginners yoga program – which starts August 5th – as our Divine Flow community does! Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio or if practice every day, we have the right class for you. Divine Flow is a community of all shapes and sizes finding their own custom blend of yoga and pilates classes to suit their individual body needs.  

We look forward to personally welcoming you into your new space and health & wellbeing journey.

Read on to hear what our students said…

“To Eliza and the rest of the amazing mentors at DF. Thank you for starting my yoga journey in such a relaxed and informative way, your teaching methods, support and welcome are a tribute to yourselves and the community you have created. Saturday’s Vinyasa workshop was simply sensational, from someone who took nearly 6 months to commit to a first yoga class after deciding to try, I walked away feeling empowered and strong in ways a bloke doesn’t ordinarily think of. For many, yoga is imagined as an activity for those that float closer to nature than the ordinary buff head guy. I have been greatly relieved to share classes with all shapes and sizes, some well-proportioned others wanting to be so but all eager to share their journey. Thank you, I am looking forward to more education, flexibility and strength.”

– DF student, Alex

“It’s pretty special to find a space and team that not only supports your daily yoga practice but pushes you to explore and better yourself every single time you step onto your mat. Yoga for me is such a personal and powerful journey, some days are great and others are a little harder, but from the moment I’ve stepped into the Divine Flow studio, I felt such a warm and nurturing energy. I’m so grateful that Eliza and Andrew have created such a beautiful and welcoming space and have gathered a team who approach their classes a little differently, putting a little piece of themselves in their flows. It really is a special little community ✨

– DF student, Ally

“I am a 47-year-old tradie/ex-rugby player, and I have put my body through hell by not stretching or maintaining my flexibility. I was looking for a yoga studio that I could feel comfortable going to without feeling judged, pressured or inadequate. My niece told me about Divine Flow and that I should give it a go. I can’t really put into words how much I love going to Divine Flow. It has such a fantastic vibe and I feel truly valued by all of the instructors. They really care about my personal practice and give me things to do at home to get more benefit out of it. I also bring my 17-year-old daughter who is in year 11, Eliza has really taken an interest in her and is a fantastic mentor and role model for her. I now feel happier, more flexible and relaxed thanks to the Divine Flow team and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about giving yoga a go, to come to Divine Flow… you won’t regret it!”

– DF student, Guy 

“I had always wanted to try yoga, but just never took the step to do it until this year. In early March, I finished 7 months of treatment for breast cancer and the day after my last treatment I did a search and found your Divine Flow Beginners program on Instagram and signed up. I was a bit nervous coming in as I felt quite weak and not exactly flexible, but was instantly surprised at what I could manage and how each week seems to get easier. I’ve also been surprised at how quickly I have taken to loving my visits, in particular, how mindful the practice is which in some ways has been the best thing I’ve taken from my visits. I will definitely be staying on to continue learning and practising in your peaceful, supportive space after the beginner program! Thanks again”

– DF student, Susie

“I experienced a serious groin injury whilst snowboarding where I ripped both adductor muscles, leaving me in constant pain and lacking mobility throughout my lower back. This led to months of rehab. Seeing little progress throughout the rehabilitation process, I was still having many paralysing surfs where my lower back would completely lock up, leaving me struggling to paddle back to shore. With little confidence that I would ever make a full recovery, Eliza asked me to come and try a yoga class at Divine Flow Yoga. To my surprise, after a few short months of practice, my mobility and flexibility started to improve. For the first time in quite a while, I was surfing pain and worry-free. Since practising yoga, I haven’t had any issues regarding back pain and I feel that it has further strengthened my core and my overall wellbeing.”

– DF student, Jake

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