Winter Wellness Giveaway

Winter Wellness Giveaway













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We’ve partnered with our good friends at pH Clinic Manly to give away the perfect Winter Wellness package:

  • 1 month of free yoga for yourself + 1 week free to bring a friend or family member along
  • 1 couples infrared sauna session
  • Mini health consult each

Read on as Nicola Johnson, Owner of pH Clinic Manly, explains the infrared sauna, and for details on how to enter.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An Infrared Sauna looks similar to a Conventional Sauna (the beautiful Cedarwood cabin with a glass door) except the heating technology is very different. An Infrared Sauna warms the body by emitting wave-lengths that penetrate 3-4cm into the body’s tissue to create a rise in your core temp (therefore warming the body from the inside out). The therapeutic effect of this is far greater to that of a conventional sauna where the cabin is heated and therefore everything in it is made hot.

What are the effects of the ‘wave-lengths’ and how does it work?

Our Infrared Sauna is a full spectrum and therefore emits 3 wavelength which therapeutically work on different layers of the body.

Near-infrared predominant wavelength for cell health, wound healing & skin purification;

Medium-infrared for weight loss, pain relief & improved circulation (passive cardio workout);

Far-infrared for detoxification (core temp increase), blood pressure reduction & relaxation.

Fat cells held together with ion bonds are opened by the vibrations from Infrared wavelengths thereby releasing toxins and heavy metals, which are then encapsulated by water molecules. Because the bodies’ natural method of cooling is to sweat, these water molecules containing cholesterol, heavy metals and toxins are forced to the surface and are released through the skin in your sweat.

Conventional humid steam saunas force the body to perspire, eliminating 97% water and 3% toxicity but our gentle Infrared Sauna penetrates 3-4cm into the body’s tissue and of what is eliminated 80% is water and 20% is toxicity. Allowing for a more productive and comfortable sweat.

What are some of the top benefits?

  • Detoxification – eliminates cholesterol build up, heavy metals and other toxins
  • Nervous System – relaxation, reduces cortisol and mediate anxiety
  • Weight loss – burn calories, reduce cellulite up to 600 calories in a session
  • Cardiovascular health – increase core temp which increases cardiovascular output
  • Pain/injury management – reduce inflammation and increase blood flow
  • Anti-ageing – cellular renewal increases collagen production and elastin in skin

How long does a session go for?

We have 6 different health programs which range from 30 – 45 mins in duration. Depending on what you want to work on, you choose the program and simply sit back and enjoy the benefits.

What temperature is the sauna set to?

We warm up the cabin to 50 degrees celsius prior to you going in for your session. Although this seems hot, as it is a dry heat it is really tolerable and feels quite lovely. Infrared is most effective between 38 degrees and 58 degrees but no program is set to a specific temperature as it isn’t about the temperature of the cabin but more about the warmth generated internally which forces the body to perspire and in turn eliminates those unwanted toxins and fat cells.

Any recommendations to someone totally new to infrared saunas?

Infrared is really gentle and therapeutic in how it warms the body so you should be fine to stay in for the full duration of time on your program. We always recommend arriving to your session well hydrated and if you feel you need to take breaks throughout your session, then by all means doing so is completely fine. Everyone is different, so your heat tolerance and blood pressure will affect how it will feel. It is a safe environment and made for healing so enjoy the time out, take a book in and catch up on some reading or practise some mediation and breath techniques while you enjoy the global health benefits of Infrared.

pH Clinic offers Infrared Sauna sessions 7 days a week. A single session is $45 or a couple session is $68 – choose to sweat on your own or with a friend. Book a session online or call the clinic on 0420 644 852.

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