Enlightened Conceptions with Bassam Younes

Enlightened Conceptions with Bassam Younes













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Divine Flow Yoga has been holding a series of yoga workshops with Bassam Younes called The Science of Rebirthing Breathwork Yoga over the past few months and the next session is coming up on the 22nd of April. We caught up with Bassam to gain some insight into how it all works and what you can expect from his sessions.

Tell us about your vision

“Hi I’m Bassam, researcher and practitioner of consciousness science for 30 years and Youvolutionnaire.

I guide aspiring people on journeys of self discovery and recovery so they can live daring lives of passion, purpose, and presence.

My program Enlightened Conceptions helps parents-to-be to heal their Birth Trauma first and give Bliss Births.

I also provide quality Rebirther training…

In 2012 a crisis rendered me homeless and without savings at 46. Turning adversity into opportunity I began to travel the world sharing spiritual wisdom with others.

To date I’ve visited 20 countries and ran over 140 spiritual events.

My vision is of a future where incarnating souls are no longer high jacked at birth by the pain and trauma of current birthing practices.  And are delivered instead through the Bliss Birth alternative that the majority of people are not aware exists. The bliss birth is characterized by joyful pulsations during delivery NOT painful contractions. Towards that end, I wish to see it become mandatory for parents-to-be to heal their own birth trauma FIRST before deciding to have children!”

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a simple self empowerment/healing system that uses the power of our own energy breath to release and heal residual traumas of the past, dating back all the way to the birth trauma itself!

How is Rebirthing Breathwork revolutionising the way we look at health and wellbeing?

Rebirthing Breathwork is allowing us to understand that the disposition for dis-ease is acquired as far back as birth, even further back to the time in utero. Rebirthing allows the individual to resolve residuals of the past and to make internal adult corrections to the impressions (misunderstandings and misinterpretations) that were made at the time.

What is the most important thing to remember while practicing Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is done in a series of sessions. The first 10 sessions are done with a qualified quality Rebirther. Three is nothing to remember, apart from that it is absolutely safe, and delightful to breathe.

How can students expect to feel after a session?

Fulfilled, energised, invigorated, reassured. The majority of people breathe superficially to survive only. Not to thrive. Rebirthing purifies the blood, conditions the organs, increases blood flow into the brain…too many benefits to mention.

A rebirthing session lasts up to 2 hours and has 3 phases. The 1st phase is the strong breathing phase, during which energy and subtle forces flow in the body. The 2nd phase is the energy phase during which memories, thoughts, sounds, feelings, impressions, hurts, etc that are residuals of the past, bubble up to the surface to release, availing insights and clarities in their wake. The 3rd phase is integration where the person experiences the delight and peace of what has been released/healed/understood/resolved.

A complete session always finishes in total bliss, where the person feels quite literally like they are floating.

Can complete beginners attend?

Yes, anyone can attend! Rebirthing is absolutely safe since it uses the power of our own breath and nothing else.

What tips would you give for those looking to integrate what they learn into their daily lives?

As mentioned above, the first 10 sessions are conducted with a qualified rebirther. During this, what I call, Octave of Healing/empowerment, the person is progressively initiated into increasingly more subtle and profound states of being. The point is, the integration of what is learned into daily life is natural and is part and parcel of the insights that they receive from themselves.

The trauma of birth for the majority of people stunts the natural arising and development of their consciousness. The pain puts fear in the heart and orients to the current negative disposition so many experience. It also dislocates the axis of our attention/awareness in the direction of pain, in time becoming permanently fixated outside of self. This is a major blind spot in human study and is the smoking gun and trigger that causes un-happiness, which is the state of not knowing Self (due to the extroversion of awareness).

Attend the Science of Rebirthing Breathwork Yoga workshop at Divine Flow Yoga on April 22nd.

Bassam is also holding a 10 day Rebirther Teacher Training retreat in September/October 2018, in Bali.  Pre-requisite for this are 10 rebirthing sessions completed either private with a quality rebirther or in group. Contact Bassam on 0470 678363 for more information.
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